It was in November 2000 that U2 arrived in Rio de Janeiro to record a TV program and a walk on video. I, and many friends that U2 gave me, left our jobs and went to Rio to nearby and see them. The show for only 400 people was fantastic. Memorable days for a U2's fan. Thank you guys... I Love U2!!


Bonomole. Joy. Elevation. All That You Can't Leave Behind.... truly. Met some of my best friends for life on this tour. Nothing better than being elevated together inside the Heart. <3


This U2 family started with One in Arnhem, on the 1st of August 2001


I was lucky enough to attend the first 6 shows of the Elevation tour. It was U2's first tour where I could afford to see several shows and have the ability to get to them. I was there on opening night in Miami, and then the next 5. It culminated with meeting Edge and Bono in Dallas.


On stage with U2 at Madison Square Garden during the show with the FDNY after 9/11. I was pulled on stage during New York because I was wearing the iconic “I Love NY” t-shirt, a Big Apple on one cheek, and a heart shaped American Flag on the other. Elevation is the best tour U2 has ever done.


Truly inspiring tour, music and lyrics to live by. Forever U2. As a visual artist, I had to commemorate these lads and pay homage the best way I knew how. Bravo!


It was the first night of the Elevation Tour. Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We had never been to a U2 show before, let alone a tour premiere. We didn't know what to expect. This picture was snapped as Bono was letting go of my best friend's hand after singing a verse of Bad to him. I will never forget this.


It was a Beautiful Day! #SlaneCastle


Nice work,back in the days Gelredome Arnhem


The day after our very first U2 concert in May 2001- my best friend and myself were still buzzing the following morning!


Beautiful Day


all that I can't stop enjoying


At the tip of the heart, in Montreal. Unforgettable!


My dad took me to my first U2 show in Hamilton, Ontario on October 13, 2001. Couldn't hear a damn thing the next day because the show was still in my eardrums. I don't think my dad liked the music but he appreciated the audience's devotion and being there with me. He died less than a year later.


A magical night in Madison Square Garden summer of 2001


Thankful for the friendships I made in the Elevation Tour GA line. They are Friendships that have lasted 20 years. Especially my “Larry Mullen Band” girlfriends. We created the Larry Mullen Band t-shirt in 2001. Now the t-shirt is worn worldwide by fans.


Meeting Bono prior to the Elevation show at Birmingham NEC Aug 2001


Opening night - Sunrise, FL - concert TShirts $30, keychains $8


Opening night, Sunrise, FL & seeing Uncle Jerry. Arriving early to stick my ear to the door for rehearsals in Miami. What a kickoff to a tour! Then, Boston, June 5 - Edge breaking his guitar at the end of Gone & Bostonians rebelling against New York - confusing Willie W.


I’ve seen U2 6 times dating back to the 2nd show of the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour in Tucson, AZ. The Elevation Tour show in Phoenix in April of 2001is my favorite by far! Excellent show, my wife and I stood at the tip of the heart stage, and 9 months later my daughter Teagan (Irish princess) was born!


Not to be left behind..!


Montreal Oct 12 2001, Molson center. I just learned 4 days before the show that I was pregnant of my 1st daughter. My sister and I managed to make it into the heart but I obviously could not jump during Elevation… Nevertheless, it was one of the best U2 shows I have ever seen.


You take us higher!


Beautiful Day, Elevation and Stuck in the moment are songs that made from me the U2 fan. Elevation Live from Boston was the first DVD I seen when I was 10 years old. Now I'm twenty and I'm still walking through my life with this band in my heart. ♥️ God bless you! 🇸🇰


Elevate the Astoria! So grateful to have been at this intimate show, one of the best gigs ever!


My memories about All that you can’t leave behind


U2 visited my hometown Arnhem. Due to private matters, I saw hospitals a lot. On august 1st additional tickets went on sale. I broke speed records from the hospital to buy the final 2 tickets, just 4 hours prior to the concert. I was in tears on this emotional day. Never to forget this concert.


something I just can't leave behind...


In een warm Gelredome Arnhem ( Nederland ) hebben mijn vrouw en ik wederom enorm genoten van dit concert. Het beste nummer vonden wij WALK ON en uiteraard BAD !!! Laat de mannen blijven touren wij zijn er tegenwoordig met onze zonen bij! Hopenlijk komen ze weer terug met 30 jaar ZOO TV Tour 202


I've always seen U2 clips, but I never imagined that one. My favorite album. A masterpiece. I am very happy to have followed the entire release of the album, the songs on the radio and the clips on MTV and the Elevation Tour and the magic DVD Go Home. Thank you, U2, I love u. ❤ Hugs from Brazil 🇧🇷


Being ten feet away from the stage was so cool! One of the most memorable days of my life.


What a tour it was! I remember travelling to Miami from Barcelona for the opening shows in Fort Lauderdale and spending the week before outside Miami Arena listening to the band rehearsing for the tour and meeting them a few times as they were leaving the venue. Great tour and great shows!


It seems like yesterday, for those who lived this dream, but this year the adventure known by members of the Ultraviolet U2 Fan Club Brazil as U2 Week turns 20 .Magical week in which U2 were in Brazil for a Pocket Show and the making of a video clip.(Walk On) Promo Tour of ATYCLB.


One of the best tour ever! Holy Spirit was really there... more then rock n' roll. I love when Bono prays during The Streets.. Photo of Bono's sunglasses Bvlgari, boots Prada (SOUL on sole) and 2 stages ( Boston, Slane Castle), bracelet and keychain God bless you, guys. I like you!




Up close in the heart, meeting the band, multiple nights, varying set lists.


Friends are EVERYTHING!


My most memorable moment of the tour happened at a stop in Milwaukee. Never would I have thought I was going to end up getting my picture taken with Larry.


ATYCLB London Astoria 2001 Thanks Bono for popping over to say hello hello at back door and taking at photo of us together I flow a Kite to remind me of our moment together x


Essa música salvou a minha vida. Essa banda salvou a minha vida.

Maria Júlia

My first U2 show was Elevation in Chicago in 2001 .... Never missed a tour since. ... it is hard to believe but the live watchshow will be on my birthday... 30th of October. Can not ask the better birthtday present during the pandemic. Awesome !


Working next to Tower Records in Chicago allowed me to secure every UK/EU import of ATYCLB single! All four band members eventually signed one of the “Elevation” CD singles cover, which now hangs in our family room.


Show in Miami on March 26, 2001. I won a radio contest in São Paulo - Brazil and went to watch the Elevation Tour.


I with short hair, with colleagues who won the promotion of Rádio Rock of São Paulo - Brazil and went to attend the Elevation Tour in Miami on March 26, 2001. I wrote 3,500 letters to win the contest. It was my 21 year old gift. My birthday is on the 20th of March.


My PromoCD


It’s been hanging on m6 wall since the concert


I was in France, had seen the lads, I designed this vector illustration around the time and wondered if Mr. Huston had seen it, has been on the web a bit. Looking forward to live, events to all Artists in any county' or country for God's sake... Vive U2


My ATYCLB inspired dress.


U2 announced Elevation Tour, surprisingly they didn't have any plan to come to Mexico after two great tours! we were very sad and disappointed. ATYCLB was a very good album and listen to its songs live was a must!! So a group of good friends from U2Mexico community and me decided to go to Slane!


“Beautiful Day” is very special for me. When my son was a 2-year-old, I used to show him the videoclip. He loved it and asked me to play over and over. Between the two of us, we renamed the song and called it “Airport Song.” Bono’s signature is from when I met them in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Elevation Tour was and still is in my Top 3 favorite U2 tours ever; we were so lucky, getting tickets for a few dates. The Earl's Court, London shows were particularly affecting during one of them Bono held tightly onto my hand for an entire song. I will never forget that moment and tour.


This was the first tour I saw multiple times, once in Toronto and once in Hamilton. They played two shows in Toronto and after the second they immediately went over to MuchMusic for an interview with Strombo, and I was there for that too! I share my tattoo and a shot of me in the crowd @ Muchmusic.


Very fortunate to see the best show of the 48 times ive seen them onthis tour in Madison Square Garden October 2001.Emotions where very high that night NY Firelighters where brough on Stage. Was also at the Slane shows again very emotional for Bono as he had just buried his Dad.


Sitting on the boardwalk on the quays, sun shining, hearing Elevation for the first time. Soaring over the rooftops of Dublin. Finding myself in the crowd on Top of the Pops later, and now on YouTube.


Long story short. Drove from Edmonton to Calgary with friends. My second U2 concert. Streets gives me goose bumps to this day because of this concert. Didn't like New York when I first heard it on the album, but after seeing it live, just wow. Finally, snuck in a camera & got some pics. Sorry lads.


20 years down the line I still find love for this album, the tour was sensational, the gigs in Glasgow on the eve of Slane, Bob Hewson flying high into eternity, the power, the emotion, that tour was something to behold. It started in a world that we soon lost 9/11saw to that... U2 were our escape❤️


A proud owner of the #ATYCLB belt ... well, and my photo with Bono. Ok ... it´s not from 2001, but still my most beautiful and unforgettable moment Katrin from Germany


First u2 show with my wife, 9 month later our sun was born, we didn’t name him Atylb, his name is Joshua 😘


Memorable & emotional performance at Earls Court. The songs from this album will always hold a special place for me as I had just become a father for the first time.


Was lucky enough to drive an RV-campervan in our English! from Phoenix to LA in 2005 on my own with just The Joshua Tree and All that you can't for company as the Arizona/California sun slowly went down. Phenomenal. Just spent last two hours dancing to Boston gig. Oh we miss gigs!! Good luck USA!


The best show memory is Slane 2001. This picture was in the paper. Bono signed “who is the man they called Jan”


Tampa Bay Elevation Tour


Torino, Roberto, Alessandro e Andrea


August 25th 2001, newspapers on Slane Castle's green, just waiting for the band to enter stage! Hard days for the Bono and the band! Very touching moments 4 all of us... can't believe the news today.;-(


Melbourne, Australia Have slept out twice with my sister to be in the front row. My family all love U2. To me, the band are a part of my family too, so many memories intertwined with the incredible music of this incredible band. Thank you xx


World class musical chops, great songs, undeniable passion, the best sound system, and a dedicated knowledgable crowd mixed together into an unforgettable concert.


My tour poster has survived 2 decades (and a tornado). This was the first album that got me hooked on U2. I didn't really have friends in high school, and I spent many nights watching the live from Boston concert. So thankful for this album and tour.


We’d met Bono and Edge at HQ Dublin during the ATYCLB session (same day their + Daniel Lanois’ gear was stolen from the studio). Ran into Bono and Paul McGunniss in Chicago during Elevation Tour. Bono recalled our first meeting (hugging my wife) and took another photo with (literally on top of) me.


from a French newspaper just the day after Parisian gig .These two show in Paris were amazing!!!!!


This album came along at exactly the right time in my life and became a talisman that helped me move in a new direction. ❤️


Boston 2 nights 6/01:No voice&feet buzzing for a week/ out of control/swear I heard myself on the bootleg.On my own in Dublin 8/01: before the world changed that time/Bono's dad just passed/Chili Peppers with pornstaches. New York City 10/01:after the world changed that time/beautiful/surreal.


4/23/01, eve of my 19th bday, Anaheim, CA. Best bday thus far. I got to meet everyone but Bono, including this photo with Larry. Thank you so much U2 for being such a huge and special part of my life. Much love to you all.


In Chile we didn't have the chance to see the Elevation tour. My first concert was in january 1998 the Popmart tour. But my favorite concert in Chile was 360 your. Here I am with my poster. Bono didn't pick me, but I didn't mind. It was such a great day. ATYCLB its an amazing cd for me. <3


Ive been to all the Boston shows since the 80's this one was without question the best of the bunch. I could not get enough of this tour. I chased that HIGH all the way to Slane Castle. what an amazing. Album and tour. Pinnacle!


Great show ❤️


A great reminder of my Saturday at Slane Castle back in September 2001.


Larry's birthday gig in Providence, RI. I brought a 40th birthday balloon into GA, which Bono grabbed it, used it during UTEOTW. He bit off the balloon weight, let the balloon fly - getting it stuck in the screen rigging so the screen wouldn't come down for New York. Birthday shows are the best!


The only time a I have made a U2 cover.....Sloane Castle 2001 (Saturday). Also enjoyed watching `Ireland qualify for the World Cup with a ‘few” local fans while England were busy gearing Germany 5-1! What a day.....!




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